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Frequently Asked Questions

Your most frequent questions, answered.


What is Rent a Backyard?

Rent a Backyard is the premier prefabricated home marketplace in the United States. We connect you with top-rated prefabricated home manufacturers and builders, providing transparency into pricing, building specifications, and much more.


How does Rent a Backyard make money?

Rent a Backyard partners with different home buying services providers, including prefabricated home manufacturers, builders, mortgage originators, title companies, and more. We vet every provider to only make recommendation that help readers researching this new and exciting type of construction.


What happened to "Rent the Backyard"?

Rent the Backyard was a Oakland-based prefabricated home manufacturer that helped homeowners build ADUs to address the California housing crisis. They walked customers through the entire process and split profits with homeowners who rented out their backyards. was acquired in 2023 by Rent a Backyard.  


What happens when I fill out a form on Rent a Backyard?

When out fill out a form, our partnerships team is notified immediately. We'll look at your inquiry and might reach out if we have more questions. Once we fully understand your needs, we begin searching for the manufacturers, builders, and financial products that will help you build your dream prefab home!


How do I get started??

Fill out a form on any page on our website, and we'll reach out within 24 hours. We can't wait to learn more about your project!