Earn money renting out an apartment in your backyard

Pay nothing unless you leave your home

Find out what you could earn


potential earnings per year


No hassle for you

Rent the Backyard takes care of constructing your backyard studio apartment and manages a tenant. You just supply part of your backyard!

Zero cost upfront

With Rent the Backyard, you don't need to invest any of your own money to start. When you leave your home, just pay for the equity you haven't yet unlocked.

Renting your backyard in 3 steps

We build your unit for free

We handle permitting and building your unit. You pay nothing unless you sell your home.

We list your unit online

We make a professional listing and find a high-quality tenant. We'll even handle maintenance. 

We split the rental profits 50/50

Each month, you'll get a check or bank transfer for share of the rent.

How do I qualify?

You own a home in the San Francisco Bay Area

Your backyard is at least 20 feet by 25 feet in size

You live in your home most of the year

Your backyard studio apartment 

Comes with everything your guests need to live independently.

Is beautiful and radically sustainable - powered by NODE and other partners

Is built almost entirely offsite and requires minimal backyard assembly.

Frequently asked questions

How much can I expect to make off my property?

With Rent the Backyard, you will receive up to $12k each year. We'll cover all the costs of permitting and installation. In addition to the money you'll make each year from rent, you'll also gain equity in your backyard apartment until you own the unit.

How long does this take to build?

We use the most advanced prefabrication techniques to build as much of each backyard studio apartment as possible so actual construction could take as little as a week and a half. In order to get to the point of installing your backyard studio apartment, we work with your local government to secure permits and ensure your backyard is suitable. This process, along with doing things like electrical and plumbing, can take longer than the construction of the unit and depends largely on jurisdiction.

Do you handle everything?

Yes! We handle everything from finding the tenant, to doing the management, to organizing repairs.

What happens when I sell my home?

Over the course of 30 years, you'll gain equity in your backyard studio apartment -- similar to a mortgage -- meaning that, at year 30, you own 100% of your backyard studio apartment! If you choose to sell your home before year 30, you'll need to pay for the equity that you haven't unlocked. Don't worry - you can also choose to purchase the remaining equity whenever you'd like without any sort of early termination fee.

Will I have to build new parking?

New parking almost never needs to be built. If you live within a half mile of any sort of public transit, you won't need to do anything. In other cases, you might need to apply for an additional parking permit. We'll help you pick the best option and handle the rest.

How do utilities work?

Utilities (electricity, water, sewage) connect to the existing connections to your home. In almost all cases, we'll be able to add a meter between your home and backyard apartment to directly measure your backyard apartment's usage and reimburse you for the utilities used each month. 

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