Best Prefab and Modular Homes in California

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Prefab Homes in California

Prefab and Modular Homes in California

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How much does it cost to build a prefab home in California?

According to Rent a Backyard's proprietary data set, the cost of a prefab home in California is $247,250, and the average cost per square foot is $350. By comparison, the average California home value in 2024 was $619,240 according to Zillow.

We found that the least expense prefab home in California costs $77 per square foot, and the most expensive prefab home costs $940 per square foot. Prices can vary wildly based on the manufacturer, design, and materials used in your build.

However, our findings are only for the base prefab home model. It does not necessarily include the following expenses: 

  • Transportation and delivery fees: The cost to deliver the manufactured building to your site
  • Foundation preparation: The cost to level the ground you're building on and lay concrete
  • Local permits and fee: Getting a permit to build in your city or municipality
  • Assembly and installation: The cost to install flooring, cabinetry, fixtures, appliances, etc.
  • Utility hook-up: Connecting your sewer, water, gas, electricity, and internet
  • Land: The cost to buy land you'll put the prefab home on

The final expense will typically add an additional $30 - $60 per square footage when you consider transportation, foundation, permitting, assembly, and installation costs.

Editor's note: The models in Rent a Backyard's data set range from high-end, luxury homes to simple prefab kits.